Wishbone Brawl at Goat Hill Park 2018 - The "Real Match"

Which Team Got Their (Wish)bone?

It was a great day at Goat Hill Park in Oceanside California for the 2nd Annual Wishbone Brawl featuring Charley Hoffman, Xander Schauffele, Dean Wilson & Mike Weir.

My wife and son felt right at home at The Goat, walking in stride with our golf tribe.

The day was perfect. The weather cooperated (not hard to do in San Diego) and let these superstars of the golf world demonstrate their skills in an intimate setting.

For many of you who have not played this laidback (vibe) course, it is challenging. The course is not easy, even for the most experienced golfer.

These pros made it look easy while using equipment thats older than the course itself, which made the match intriguing. They smashed persimmon golf clubs with a consistency that most amateur golfers can't achieve with modern equipment.

Goat Hill Park is not very long (4497 yards), but the magic of the goat is not the course itself, but the people. The course is not perfect; you will have to bring your "A" game and accept where your golf ball comes to rest. The pros did not have perfect lies like they are accustomed to, which made their recovery shots more impressive.

Side Note: The staff at Goat Hill continue to work toward a goal of total rehabilitation for the beautiful piece of property. It will happen.

Dean Wilson & Masters Champ, Mike Weir took home the Wishbone trophy (2 & 1). The real win was the community that surrounds Goat Hill Park. John Ashworth built a tribe that will grow the game well after the buzz of The Wishbone Brawl fades away.

See you all in 2019!