The Best and The Worst.

So close and Yet so Far.

The Good

I occasionally book tee times as a single to network with new people in the golf community. It's fun; you never know what type(s) of golfer you will play with when you randomly book tee times.

It breaks away from the routine of playing with the same people over and over again. Luckily the group I recently joined was enjoyable!

Golf Club of California - Front 9

This Saturday seemed unique, it felt like the day I could reach par. 

I started off hitting fairway and green, missing my birdie putt by a fraction. Then par on the next, followed by a bogey that could have easily been a par. 

I am not going to drag you through my entire round, just know that the day felt special (at the time). 

I finished the front at three over par, reaching my best stats of the season. 

I walked up to the 10th tee box thinking about the glory of what I could accomplish on this day.

The Bad

Golf Club of California - Back 9


I lined up for my drive feeling uncomfortable, stopped, and hit the reset button. Then hit my ball into the right hazard. Dropped, then hit my third from where my ball entered the hazard. I pulled my third shot that sailed into the left hazard. Dropped four, hit five. My fifth nestled into the right greenside bunker. Easily escaped the bunker, that came to rest on the fringe. Then I putted from the fringe with one putt for a triple. 

Next hole -- DOUBLE

Following hole -- DOUBLE

The biggest lesson of the day; the past is the past, and past emotions can shape the future. Negative or positive. 

Needless to say, my positive start did not end achieving my lifelong goal of a scratch (par) golf round.

My only advice - find a way to think of the positive in every situation no matter what just happened. In my opinion, the mental battle is the hardest part of the game. 

Par 3 - Hole 5

Par 3 - Hole 5

Par 3 - Hole 7 (Donut Green)

Par 3 - Hole 7 (Donut Green)