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January Swing: Swing Change - GolfTec San Diego

Swing Analysis from GolfTec - Value $150.

GolfTec Review - San Diego

GolfTec is a fantastic idea; it's helped 100's of golfers improve their game through a systematic approach on a monthly basis.  I was able to visually see the benefits from the video instruction like the above. Videos can be accessed through GolfTec's online portal after the session with a PGA Professional.  The online portal can be accessed 24/7 for continued learning and instruction. Additional videos of drills are added to the online account that are related to areas that need improvement. 

The cost for the evaluation is $150, and if you choose to work with GolfTec the fee will be refunded if you sign up for one of the plans that day. They have six and twelve month plans. Expect to pay an up-front percentage for any plan you choose. The six month plan cost approximately $260 per month and the year plan is about $160 per month, the site indicates it varies by location.  The added value, as told by GolfTec, is the access to the facility/range whenever members want, with advanced bookings through the online account. And if you're traveling, don't worry as the membership allows access to the many GolfTec locations around the country, think gym membership.

"Only an objective, quantified analysis of your swing can provide the basis for where your swing needs work and how to measure your improvement. GolfTEC’s patented g-SWING technology allows you to see real-time video and motion measurement simultaneously. A color-coding system indicate how much adjustment the different areas of the swing may require. Combining the objective data with video analysis makes it easy for you and your coach to see precisely what changes will be needed to improve your game."

If you are struggling with your game like I am currently, consider professional help.  You can access instructors in your area by visiting The PGA of America's website - 

Now go out and hit em' straight!