golf shanks

The Shanks: Mental or Physical Block?

Shanks, probably the most dreaded shot in golf.  Shanks seemingly come out of nowhere and at the strangest of times, at least for me.  And if you recall that I struggled with this for the first time while warming up for a tournament a few months back, it was the first time experiencing panic, pure and utter panic.

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Last week I decided to play a difficult par three golf course called Reidy Creek Golf Course in North San Diego. The big reasons I chose to play a par three course was my continued struggle with par three holes in tournaments and practice rounds. Currently I am playing par three’s to a +1.1 for an average of 4.1 strokes on par 3’s.  In my attempts to lower this stat I decided to play the par three course to help prepare for tournaments, while on the first tee my shanks came back and they were nasty.  Luckily for me I had plenty of balls; eventually I would lose more balls on this eighteen-hole par three course than all of last year combined.

I was able to replicate the shank while practicing.

Like life, golf has these peaks and valleys, ebbs and flows, and I could not help but think I am being tested for greater swings down the road.  Going through these rough spots has taught me patients for life and sense of calm for golf.  There was a time when I would have cursed to the sky and ranted internally about my shortcomings, but now I just go about my business and calmly go through whatever mental or physical block that I am going through at the time.  My hope is that you never experience the case of the shanks and that your attitude will always be optimistic in your quest for scratch.

Leave your comment below and if you have advice on how to eliminate shanks feel free to leave your advice. Thanks for reading!