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Year in Review - On to 2015

A Look Back on 2014

Twenty Fourteen was a big year for my maturity in golf; the game also had a profound influence on my personal life. This year was filled with many goals that were met, not without some frustration.  I was able to achieve my first-ever win in a stroke play golf tournament, followed by two more throughout the year. The next goal was qualification into the Golf Channel AM Tour national final held in Phoenix Arizona. Placing in the top 100 out of 150 was a big accomplishment, especially since I had played in a less challenging flight (Sarazen) all of 2014.  I was able to stay focused throughout the intense four day tournament with scores of 86, 83, 90, 87.  The greatest achievement was reaching a single digit handicap (8.4) this summer, it has since leveled out to a 12.4, attributed to a swing change from a fade to a draw.

February marks the 3rd year on the The Golf Channel AM Tour, the tour attributed to much of my success in 2014. My days were filled with hours of practice and fitness. In the end it was the competition of the Tour that helped excel my golf game. It's now difficult to play golf another way than competitively. If I am not competing in a golf tournament, I am competing against the course. The new journey begins next month as I start a lengthy tournament run in February

2015 Tournament Calendar HERE

2013 vs. 2014 Golf Stats

Below you will find the data comparison from 2013 to 2014.  Data is very important to measure improvement over time, sometimes improvements are not always noticed while trying to achieve the final goal. Comparing month-to-month or year-to-year helps keep the game in perspective, and stats will allow you to enjoy the process while achieving goals along the way. 



Tournament Results and Standings

2014 Golf Tournament Record

2014 Golf Tournament Record

CA - San Diego Tour
Hogan (8.0 - 11.9) Order of Merit - The Journey 

2014 Table standings 

2014 Table standings 

Consistent Fitness in 2014 keept me healthy for the season

Look Ahead to 2015 - Golf Goals

goals for 2015 - reach a 5 handicap

Above you will find my 2015 goals - if you are looking for a program to keep track of your goals check out - Goalscape will allow you to monitor and track your golf goals throughout the year. If you are like me, you probably write them in a notebook or on a random piece of paper. You can take the Rory Mcilroy approach and write it on a first class plane ticket. Write, log, or tell someone - logging and verbalizing your goals will go a long way in achieving success. 

Pictures taken along the way.