When I grow up I want to be just like my Dad

When I was a kid I remember my Dad always telling me to work hard at whatever I pursued, and as a young boy this was soccer.  He always encouraged me to be a well-rounded player and to practice with both feet to be a better player in the future.  He always had these little tips that I did not pay much attention to until his advice paid off years later when I was a seasoned player.  Whatever I played I would work hard at since I did not have natural talent like my father. I always had to work harder than the next guy.  My Dad had a way of encouraging me without being overly aggressive in his approach.

Having a family of four children my Dad had to work hard at his job to support us and he put in many years and long hours for the Safeway Corporation that would allow us to pursue education, goals, and dreams.  Looking back on it, my Dad worked many long nights and would sleep during the day, which did not leave much room for bonding, however vivid memories exist of him attending my soccer games even if he worked the night shift. His efforts will always be remembered. 

Fast forward to today and now I see my Dad as a naturally gifted athlete that probably could have been a professional athlete in any sport he put his efforts towards. I was reminded of this recently when my wife and I visited my parents and we looked around the house - the amount of trophies that my Dad earned in a very short period of time is remarkable.  The amazing thing is that our family gifted him his first golf clubs around 2005, years after his retirement, and now he earns trophies left and right.  My Dad possesses mental strength and athletic ability even past his 60’s and he continues to improve in his golf game.

Today I continue to refine my game through the guidance and advice of my Dad and we continue to compete with each other on the course, and of course my Dad continues to beat me 9 times out of 10.  Eventually I hope to have the patience and fortitude that my Dad possesses to help enhance my game of golf.  One day, when I grow up, I hope to be like my Dad.