Golf Migraines

The Pains of Golf: F*^# Pain!

Currently I am laid up on my couch - Today I missed my golf round because of a pesky back right rib that continues to be my kryptonite.   


I started my season on the Golf Channel Amateur Tour with confidence, and placed well, not without pain. Unfortunately it took almost a week for physical recovery, starting with a small shooting pain that triggered mind melting migraines. I decided to take action steps toward a solution. Unfortunately this was a common occurrence for many months.

Action Step For Recovery:

  • Took up Pilates (still the only dude in class)
  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Took 4 Weeks Off From Golf (sucked!)
  • Changed Running Shoes - Vibram Five Fingers to Nike Free Running Shoes
  • Increased Water Intake Daily

Originally I was going to take a six week hiatus, however based off my physical improvement I decided to play 9 holes with an old high school friend. After playing, my rib felt slightly sore, I immediately called my chiropractor for an appointment. While on my visit she confirmed my rib was out, sad face.

It has now been two days after playing 9 holes, and I am in the same spot I was 4 weeks ago, extra sad face. 

I have now confirmed that golf is causing this pesky annoyance, I am truly bummed. I will continue to search for answers. I will now take six weeks off without touching a golf club, and let the healing process begin, again.

I leave you with this... 

The above action steps improved my physical strength, it was the best I've felt in months. I will continue to improve, in order to get back on the road to scratch. 

Have you dealt with pain? What steps have you taken to recover? Leave your comment below.