Rams Hill, One of The Best Golf Courses in San Diego County

Rams Hill - Add it to your bucket list!

Above Photo By  Austin Pepin

Above Photo By Austin Pepin

You may recall my review of Rams Hill Golf Club a few years back when she was just getting back on her feet. Well fast forward to today (2017), and you have yourself one of the best courses in San Diego County. 

Bold statement I know! 

Now it's not the hardest golf course when mother nature takes the day off, but it sure is a blast with or without wind (you could shoot in the 70's one day and barely break 100 the next). The course will always play easier without the wind cranking 15-20+ MPH.

You could land a jumbo-f&^(&^%-jet on the fairways!

Also, the greens are some of the purest greens for a public course around, and every putt seems to have a chance at going in the hole. It's a beautiful thing when you hit a putt, and it stays on the intended line the entire way. 

Why did we make the long trip?

We decided to make a boys trip for my milestone birthday (40), and I could not have asked for a better time with the crew. We had 12 guys, which only three played Rams Hill before our arrival, but rest assured, there are now nine new fans that will be making the trip back soon. 

When we started the day out it was about Rams Hill, but by the end of the day, it was about connecting with our brothers in golf. The venue makes it memorable, but the people make it last a lifetime. 

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Big thanks to Mike Setchell, Director of Golf for helping make it a memorable day.