PGA Tour Plays Hardest Course on The Planet (Maui)

The @pgatour is playing one of the hardest courses on the 🌍 planet right now.

Let me break it down.

The tips at The Plantation Course (Kapalua) play at 77.2 relative to par. For us amateurs it’s a 144 slope rating (115 being easy and 155 being the most difficult). That’s 4.2 strokes higher than par!

Think about that for a while.

If you are a single digit handicap you would be lucky to break 99. And these pros are shooting under par on the daily! Don’t judge the players that are in + territory.

Then add the wind. Holy hell.

In case you we’re wondering, here are the top five hardest courses.

1) The International 81.7/155

2) Pikewood National 78.9/155

3) Rich Harvest Farms 79.1/155

4) Oak Tree National 79.3/155

5) Kiawah Island Ocean 79.7/153

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