Why Dumping Your Golf Buddies Can Improve Your Golf Game

Do you play golf with the same group every week? It's great to play with your buddies; there is a sense of comfort playing with the same players. But it's time to move toward improvement by playing with other humans.

My challenge to you - play with other golfers. 

But How?

Three options:

You will start to see mental improvements when you play with a variety of golfers.  

Playing on the Golf Channel Amateur Tour has taught me that you will not always play golf with people you like, and this used to bother me. 

Since I changed my routine, I can now play with anyone, even if I don't like them.  And let me be honest, I am not always the best golfer to play with when my mental game is off. I can get downright grumpy on the golf course. I have witnessed some of the nicest people turn into Dr. Jekyll on the course, myself included.  

I try not to judge golfers when I first play with them. On numerous occasions, I found that they were nice without a club in their hand.

But how is playing with other golfers going to help you?

By playing with other golfers, you get those nerves on the first tee. You know: the nerves that have you thinking, 'just make solid contact and get the ball-in-play, so I don't embarrass myself' type of nerves. Teeing it up with nerves will certainly help when you play tournament golf or for cash.

You will also discover golfers that are better than you. Playing at their challenging level will encourage you to improve your own game. Let's face it; your buddies are probably not pushing your limits.  

And the best side effect of playing with random golfers is the new friendships you will establish.  By connecting with people outside your circle of comfort, you will begin to see improvements on and off the course; going outside your comfort zone will make you a better person. 

Next time you book a tee time, book it with someone outside your comfort zone. 

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