The Truth About Golf Improvement

77 and 77 or +6 and +5. One round at Maderas and one at Arrowood, both challenging courses.

Maderas Score Card Results
Arrowood Golf Score Card _ Golf Channel Am Tour

The scores above are from my last two rounds, one while enduring tournament pressure on the Golf Channel Amateur Tour. On the day I played fearlessly. Only to be outdone by a career round 73 by Stefan Koch! Well done.

No stress on my end as I played some of the best golf of my life, a 73 round was definitely a possibility for me on the day as I narrowly missed three birdie attempts! The double on 16 did not help.

Keys to My Improved Play in My Golf Game

I know that it's not a one-size-fits-all approach to golf improvement, but this has worked for this busy Dad, husband and business owner.

Golf is my passion, I also have the drive to learn the game of golf. I love talking to experts and dissecting shots like s surgeon researching a precision cut for a specific procedure. It just lights me up.

I know finding the time is always a challenge. You are not alone. Making a calendar and committing to getting better over a lifetime, yes a lifetime, is the best approach to this crazy game. As soon as I stopped chasing results I started to see improvement over time.

Not without major frustrations.

As recently as last month I wanted to walk off a golf course because I shot a great 40 on the front 9 and completely blew the round and shot a 50 on the back. But even the lackluster round helped me improve. I learn more from the bad than the good.

If you are continually getting frustrated on course, then ask yourself why.

  • Is it that important?

  • Will it define me as a person?

  • Does anyone really care what I shoot?

My answer to all three of these questions is NO.

Whatever your age, just know this is a lifelong journey. Improvement will not happen overnight and there is no quick fix. It's not the clubs, it's not the clothes you wear, and it's not the shoes, contrary to what golf marketing suggests. It comes down to YOU. What do you do to move the needle just a little each day? Micro improvements will yield big results down the road.

The last question is only something you can answer.

Do you have the patience to wait for great results?


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