The Sh*%ty Side of Golf

Today was the 2nd round of 2016 after my back issue. And now two rounds over 100 in the books (yikes). For an 8.9 handicap, it seems unimaginable to break 100 after a successful 2015. I do recall that 2015 started out in a similar way, minus the injury.

Well, what was once unthinkable, is now thinkable. Today was a very dark day on the golf course. Today I quit on the 18th hole. Remember Rory? Before you judge, you might want to give me some credit, I wanted to walk off after posting a 50 on the front nine, and my playing partner was not helping the situation, more on that later.

The one thing about golf that baffles me is the ability to lose all semblance of how to play the game after taking time away. I took about six weeks off due to injury, and now I am trying to relearn golf.  No, it's not like riding a bike! And living on the west coast (California) we play golf year-round, I can't imagine how long it takes cold weather dwellers to get back into a groove after brutal winters. 

This round I could not putt, chip, or think.  Surprised I could put one foot in front of the other. And then there was my cart mate, who made statements like, "good shot" and "great chip" when nothing was good or great about any of the shots.  I know he had good intentions, but come on, when someone is going through a bad round it's best to keep your lips zipped on the "compliments".  The last straw was his swing advice, which probably added to my decision to take my bag off the cart, and call it a day.  

There is a silver lining, I drove the ball well, I only missed one fairway on the front nine.  My driving struggled last year, and I finally feel like I am getting a handle on the big stick.  It will continue to improve on all facets of my game. 

I do realize this phase is temporary, but the anguish and frustration that it causes can leave mental scars. This day will be a distant memory at the end of 2016, but for now, I will leave my clubs unattended until I can get professional help with my swing. 

Mama said there will be days like this!