Will Tiger Woods Win Another Major? πŸŒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈF*YA!

Tiger Woods to Win Another Major

Tiger Woods has now reached a net worth of 800+ Million Dollars! That is pretty darn close to a Billion.

My prediction is that he will enter billionaire status when he wins his next Major(s).

If I were a betting man, I would put my money on The Masters. He will win one (maybe two) more majors in his career, and he should reach billionaire status by the age of 50.

Tiger mania reached an electric pitch when he won at the Tour Championship at East Lake this year, and the roars are only going to get louder this year!

Tigers thoughts on his historic 80th win ↓

β€œIt means a lot. It really does. You know, the people who are close to me saw the struggles and what I was going through, and some of the players that I’m pretty close to, they’ve really helped throughout this process and the last few years. Their support and some of those things that they said coming off that last green meant a lot to me."

As many of you know, I have been tweaking my swing for years. Swing changes are complicated even with a healthy body. I know, I am NO Tiger, but changes are difficult nonetheless. I look back at what Tiger Woods has accomplished, and I am blown away about how he made a Rocky Balboa comeback with a fused spine!

Tiger will be the first golfer to reach Billionaire status in my opinion. The Big Cat may not win another major, but my money is not really on his physical body but his mental fortitude.

My Quest Fore Scratch Update

Last year I started seeing Mike Croisetiere of Mikes OG Academy, "Your favorite Kiwi Coach," in San Marcos California. He is extremely helpful in working with my limitation and breaking through the narrative that runs through my head about my golf game. Tiger works with trusted advisors; they work with him on his mental blocks at a much higher level.

Breaking through my limiting beliefs will help me reach my goal of shooting even par.

The more I start thinking about this concept of limiting beliefs, the more my game improves. Receiving instruction from Mike has been an enormous help. Ultimately finding the answer to my golf woes is deep within my mental cavity. I will continue to improve with the help of dependable people around me.

I may not reach billionaire status, but I will achieve scratch golf in my lifetime.