The Greatest Golf Bet That Never Was

Oh Rickie Fowler, you could have changed a mans life forever. 

We certainly hope Jordan Baker can play golf as good as he can predict winners for the three (out of the four) Professional Golf Majors of the year. He certainly has a career in picking winners! Let's hope his next bet is on himself (winning a major), the odds are most likely not in his favor, but judging from his profile, he seems like he can make his way around a golf course. You never know!

And if you are into tracking these odd bets, you might remember a football (soccer) fan making a €50 bet on Leicester City to win the Premier League a few years ago, he stood to make a lot of money but cashed out early (too bad for him). Jordan Baker could have done the same, but he was confident in his power squad. Why not let it ride after picking Brooks Koepka to win the US Open (Brooks?!?!). I don't have the facts, but I am almost certain this was not a top choice by professional gamblers.

At this point, I would be all in on my predicted bet. His bet was a bust after Rickie did not win The Open, and his close friend Jordan Spieth did the unthinkable by winning his 3rd major in his very young career. The kick in the pants was Justin Thomas winning his first major title at The PGA Championship this Sunday! Oh so close to the greatest golf bet in the world. 

Back to the Future Bet

If he had picked it correctly, we might think he fired up the DeLorean, traveled back in time to meet Doc (Dr. Emmett Brown) and somehow stumbled on Grays Sports Almanac (the edition covering 2000 and beyond) and made the golf bet of the century. It's much harder to pick golf winners than horses to win a particular race. I mean, Sergio winning a major was a long shot considering his history with choking.

Tip of the cap Mr. Baker, hopefully you will be the next Jordan to lift a major trophy!

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