Single Digit Handicap + Arial Golf Photography

Officially a Single Digit Handicap

Starting August on the up swing!  I was able to drop 1.7 strokes from July to August descending to an 8.8 handicap. The key to the large drop was playing more difficult golf courses which included playing from the back tees that helped tremendously in competitive golf tournaments. Of course practice and fitness has also played a pivotal role in the large jump.  

It's now time to focus on the Golf Channel AM Tour Nationals and preparing for the hot and almost unbearable 4 days of golf at Talking Stick Golf Club in Phoenix.  

Game Plan for Nationals: 

  • Play practice rounds on local desert courses to train for the heat
  • Drinking gallons of water to prep the body for September 
  • Eat healthy and exclude alcohol and caffeine leading up to tournament
  • Increase workout routine in order to be at peak physical fitness for Nationals
  • Incorporate Yoga into my weekly routine to increase flexibility and recovery time
  • Meet with swing coach for improvement and swing adjustments 

The Drones Are Coming

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