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Golf Schedule

Finding time to balance fitness and practice is not always easy when you work full time and have family responsibilities, but if it's important to your life you will find the time.

For the past few years I found gaps in my schedule and filled them with random practice session in my backyard to planned range sessions to keep up with the demand that golf requires.  

Here are a few ideas on how to improve:

  • Add practice on calendar
  • Schedule your personal and professional life on one calendar
  • Up Early for fitness - Bike, Run, circuit training, repeat
  • Eating healthy for mental focus and natural energy
  • Tell people your goals - On social media, to family and friends, to your dog, to your spouse, to anyone that will listen
  • Add small scalable goals that can be applied to overall goal(s)

There are many different formulas for success and finding your exact recipe will be the key to your success.  

Fitness and Golf Calendar

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I keep track of every workout,” he says. “If I’m not improving, I analyze variables like diet, sleep, and stress. If none of those things are to blame, I’ll take a different approach.
— Andrew Palmer Age 27