3rd Win of the Year on the Golf Channel AM Tour - "The Journey to Better"

Tournament Results

Knocking off a few goals on my way to qualifying for Nationals is always a good way to measure progression. Top 3 in the Sarazen flight (handicap 12.0 - 15.9), 3 tour wins and a personal best 78 heading to Nationals with confidence.  Managing the confidence will be the next goal,  I don't want to play overconfident and certainly play within myself.  Often times you hear this is detrimental to professional golfers, Patrick Reed being a perfect example of overstating and under delivered, his arrogance got the better of him. 

Patrick Reed on OVER-Confidence:

"I’ve won a lot in junior career. Did great things in amateur career. Was 6-0 in match play in NCAAs. Won NCAAs two years in a row. Got third individually one year, and now I have three wins out here on the PGATour. I just don’t see a lot of guys that have done that, I mean besides from Tiger Woods of course, and then all the other legends of the game, but it’s just one of those things that I believe in myself, and especially with how I have worked, that I’m one of the top five players in the world. To come out in a field like this and hold on wire to wire, I feel like I’ve proven myself."

Old Habits

Although I found old habits resurfacing during the last 3 rounds I was able to score low regardless of lingering habits.  I have since gone back to the basics to correct my poor swing that surfaced during the past rounds.  The best advice was from a PGA Tour player that mentioned "you should not try and fight your swing during rounds, just go with it", I don't recall the player but the advice has stuck with me ever since.  Poor habits are a virus that linger in the mind and can resurface when least expected even when new habits seem ingrained. 

Game Modification

Recently I modified my 39" Almost Belly Putter by Cleveland Golf and cut it down to about 35" and added a Super Stroke grip to update to a better feeling grip.  The biggest difference from my Odyssey Putter to my new modified putter is the weight (heaver) and the little white line that sits on top of my Cleveland which gives it a great overall look and feel. The line on top of the putter has helped align putts to the hole and I have improved my overall accuracy.  I was able to get home with 29 putts (personal best) at The Santaluz Club and it was due to the slight changes in my putter setup.

Golf Improvement  

I recently picked up SkyPro to analyze my swing and visually see my imperfections, it has been well worth the investment.  The app has many data points and tips (video and text) that can help you with your game, the one negative is that it's only available for Apple devices.  When you can't always make the journey to see a PGA Professional this is the next best thing especially if you are a visual learner.  Since I am a complete data geek this app satisfies my passion for golf and my inner need to analyze the data that will help improve my swing. 

With all that I have learned and continue to learn I am optimistic in achieving The Quest Fore Scratch. 

3rd Win of the Season at The Santaluz Club

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