Fatige, when the physical takes over the mental

Fatigue is something that I don’t come across often in golf since I keep up with physical fitness and training off the course.  At the Temecula Amateur Championship this weekend I hit a wall. 

Our group had a 10th hole start on the Oaks Course which happens to be the most difficult of the two 9’s that we played, the other 9 being The Creek Course. The Oaks Course has more elevation changes and can prove difficult with a few blind shot to navigate.  The real story around the course was the speed and difficulties of the greens.  The greens where running about 10 on the stimpmeter and I witnessed a lot of putts rolling 6 feet past the hole on numerous occasions.  On this day my putting was working and working well (32 Putts) which gave me momentum heading to the easier Creeks Course. I was one off the lead from my fellow competitor Michael Richard who would eventually win the tournament with an 84. I knew from the start of the round he was the one to beat and I knew if I kept pace with him I would have a chance at winning the tournament. 

As we all know there are two halves to every game or at least a clear delineation of a midway point that can really change the momentum of any game that has a beginning and end.  My end happened to be on the 10th hole of The Creeks Course when I hit a tee shot drawing left to the trees on a dogleg right and ended up with a 7 when Michael ended with a par, my next hole on the par three I ended with a double and bookended the 11th with another 7, Michael was only 1 over after three for this stretch and I had a mountain to climb.

And a mountain is what it felt like I was climbing after the 11th hole and I was mentally still in the game but the physical eventually took over my mental and I did everything in my power to keep focused to finish the round in a respectable manner.  I could use the excuse that I walked the course but really it was one of those days when I was just flat out tired.

I recently wrote in a past blog about PGA Professional walking 5 plus miles over 4 days so I imagined having to play another round the next day and I could not wrap my head around having to go swing the club and walk another five miles after being totally exhaustion after my round.  This is a reminder that we all have our good days and bad days and even though my score could have ballooned well past 95 I did the best I could under the exhausted circumstances.

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4th place going into next weeks tournament at Aviara

4th place going into next weeks tournament at Aviara

Steep Elevation Climb

Steep Elevation Climb