Golfing with Family


Golfing with Family

This was a great week for golf in San Diego.  The weather was absolutely perfect for a few rounds and making it even better was golfing with family.  We had the opportunity to play at The Rancho Bernardo Inn and Twin Oaks Golf Course. Playing with my father-in-law, brother, and my Dad was a welcomed change to the highly competitive rounds I have been playing in the past month.

Golfing in the Dark

Both days we hustled to get 18 in since sunset started at 4:30 and light was going fast.  Recently I have been toting along my mountain bike light that cranks out 1700 lumens and affixed it to my pull cart to finish up rounds in the pitch dark.  Golfing in the dark is not for everyone since a lot has to do with feel and knowing the general vicinity of where you hit the ball. The light helps with illuminating the tee box, fairway, and greens.  The in-between (finding ball) is the tricky part of golfing in the dark but if you have a feel for your shots you can find your ball, eventually.  Golfing in the dark can really help with your overall feel and help develop your auditory sense.  Sound becomes important to hear how the ball comes off the club face and noticing the subtle changes in sound can really help you in developing your swing.  Sound becomes even more important when you can’t see your ball flight, you can ofter hear the subtle difference in hitting a fairway as apposed to hitting rough.  We played all 18 on Thursday and 16 on Friday and both days we started well after 12:30 p.m.

Golfing First

I change drivers depending on the course that I will be playing.  If the course is long and the fairways are wide I typically bring my RBZ 9.5 degree driver and if the course is narrow and short I will bring my Titleist 910D2 10.5 driver adjusted to 9.75 degree. The last two rounds I have used the RBZ and I hit the longest drive of my life at 300 yards and my second best at 287 yards, the longest being a slight downhill and the second being a slight uphill.

Overall it was a great week to reconnect with family through the great game of golf.