Practice and Putters


Practice Day.

Today I started off with 45 balls and practiced with my gap wedge and my 7 iron.  I was hitting them very smooth today but lost my rhythm with my 7, so I visualized myself in a round, then I visualized my recovery. Often in rounds many poor shots lead to numerous poor shots since your mind  dwells on what happened instead of making ‘it’ happen. I hit the last two balls smooth and crisp.

Then I was off to practice putting.  I recently switched putters from the almost belly putter (39”) to a conventional putter (33” to 35”).  I switched to get more over the ball and get my hands closer together.  The new rules change in 2016 did not impact my decision since the almost belly putter is not anchored to my body.  The new Odyssey putter has the Super Stroke grip that is over-sized that allows my grip to be looser and more natural feeling.  You may have seen the likes of Phil Mickelson and Jason Duffner rolling putts with this type of grip. But for me it was not the reason I went to this type of putter, it was on feel alone.  As for practice today I feel like the putter is getting more and more comfortable and I will test the overall performance this weekend at Dove Mountain.

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