David Swing

Meet David

I picked up my first golf club in 6th grade in PE and received my first set when I was 16. Much of my life was consumed (before 30) with soccer. I never had time to play golf and when I played it was frustrating.

Years ago I was golfing with my father-in-law, and I made a bold statement, I said: "I will be a scratch golfer in two years." Well it's many years later, and I am not a scratch golfer, but I have improved my overall handicap to 10.6, down from a 20+.

Learning to deal with my emotions is the greatest challenge. I am a firm believer that the longest drive is the 10 or so inches between your ears. My physical and mental growth has been the biggest side effect in my quest for scratch. 

I have many good influences when it comes to golf including friends (and Dad) that drive me to be a better golfer, more importantly, a better person. This site and blog will have continual updates with my improvement as well as setbacks. 

I will post about my journey to zero!