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      1.        China has many excellent mineral water sources, Huangshan is one of the few remaining unpolluted mineral water ecological environments in China. Huangshan  is a world heritage site for both nature and culture. Environmental protection in the natural ecological area is a world-class one. The coverage rate of vegetation in natural ecological protection areas is 93.6%, and the forest coverage rate is 84.7%. There are a large variety of rare birds and animals, the air is fresh, the water quality is excellent, the environment is beautiful, the ecological system is balanced and stable, and all ecological environmental indicators are even better than our country standard. Huangshan is also known as "Natural Oxygen Bar", "East China Animal and Plant Treasures" and "Fairyland on Earth."

               The Qing Dynasty poet and calligrapher Xu Chengyao recorded in the book “She Shi Xian Tan”, at the turn of spring and summer each year, Lingjin Mountain spews hundreds of springs, presenting the scene that “food and lodging do not take value, and every family has a tea set and everyone can drink”. 

               At the end of Ming Dynasty, the famous man named Xu Chu lived in the temple and wrote the moving poems such as Xin'an Jiang Fu and Huangshan Fu. In "Pin Quan Poem," he described Gao Miaoquan, one of the four famous ancient springs in Huizhou: “ Repeatedly took the test to try the rain spring, and the tadpole sip the clearance grass.There are no wells in several villages, wash rice water pouring vegetables can also be pity.

               Choosing water is the most important source of water. The water source of Huangshan was taken from the Lingjin Mountain, Fengshan, and Fengxing Mountain areas of the Huangshan Southeast Ecological Reserve. The project area of nearly 40 square kilometers of water source area is sunny,which is full of bamboo and trees in moutainous area,it is picturesque and ancient since the ancient times. In the area, there are many Yongjing Springs can be seen and the water is clear and clean. Huangshan City is the source of the three major water systems of Xin'an River, Qingyi River, and Chang River. There are many lakes, springs, and rivers in the area. The surface water quality rate is 100%, and the average annual surface flow of mountain springs is more than 10 billion cubic meters. There are 108 rivers with a length of 10 kilometers or more; 9 known mineral water sources with an actual water volume of 2897.5 m3/day with high trace elements which is naturally weak alkaline and rare. According to the survey report, although the city has introduced and cultivated 12 natural drinking water production enterprises, including Master Kong mineral water, Promise snow mineral water, and Sanyang Jinquan mineral water etc., the actual use of surface water in the city is less than 6%, the actual exploitation from the known mineral water is less than 5%.


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